care gaps.

health outcomes.


The right

Clint delivers context that makes
medical data actionable at the point of care.

Incomplete and noisy medical information limits the potential impact for patients from clinical research and care teams.

Clint brings clarity to the noise.

We harness clinical logic

to sift through diverse sources of medical information, map the true states of patients, and deliver actionable recommendations within our solutions.

…to improve therapeutic discovery and deliver better health outcomes


Clint Care

Accelerate clinical therapy utilization

Increase quality of care and speed up market adoption

for Life Sciences Companies:

Commercialization teams drive increased adoption and boost revenue for each therapy

  • Target programs to selected IDNs and physicians based on relevant patient populations
  • Monitor prescribing behavior and adoption patterns at the clinician, health system, and population-level
  • Recommend evidence-based  treatments directly to clinician and clinical teams at the point of care

for Health Care Systems

Healthcare teams improve the efficacy of care – at the point of care

  • Gain improved insight into the complete and accurate state of the patient’s health
  • Identify and deliver GDMT care gap recommendations
  • Therapy and prescription recommendations are provided at the point of care within the EHR system
  • Healthcare providers can approve appropriate therapy recommendations from within the EHR system
Clint Attract

Accelerate clinical trials

Improve patient recruitment and decrease time to market

for Life Sciences Companies:

Researchers improve the efficacy of clinical trials

  • Gain immediate insight into the current state of health: care gaps, risks, disparities and comorbidities present in the target patient population
  • Verify protocol design and model event rates
  • Select sites based on the actual number of eligible patients in each system
  • Automatically deliver identified, eligible patients to site investigators and teams
  • Monitor projected vs. actual event rates

for Health Care Systems

Site administrators and primary investigators increase the efficiency of their clinical trials

  • Automatically identify eligible patients for trials and when the care team will see them next – for clinical research teams
  • Increase awareness of clinical trials for eligible patients
  • Scale instantly to every patient and clinician within the EHR system
  • Instantly create patient population feasibility reports to win new clinical trials


Clint delivers clinical context to make the best research and medical decisions

Using the same methods as a physician, Clint’s patented clinical-grade platform holistically analyzes all medical data across all conditions, identifies care gaps, and allows each user to take the recommended action to optimize impact to patients.

Clint delivers clinical concept maps for patients that automatically identify:

  • What conditions a patient has
  • Why they have it
  • How well they have been treated

Then, users can accept recommendations about how patients should be treated moving forward, including:

  • Care guidelines
  • Indicated treatments and trials